NEZA6 Combat Management System


The NEZA6 Combat Management System ( NEZA6 CMS) employs fully distributed architecture and is composed of multi-function display & control consoles, standard cabinets, video interface unit, digital interface unit, data network and video network, etc. The NEZA6 CMS provides combat management to fulfill the demands of various warships.

The standardized hardware and software middleware were adopted to construct the infrastructure of the System and the structured technology was introduced for design and development of application software.

The integration and management of different combat resources of ship-borne combat system were achieved, including various domestic / abroad origin sensors and weapons, was achieved through this System.

By combining various tactical data and information from ship combat resources and/or cross-platform data link, the comprehensive and clear battlefield situation for commanders could be provide by this System.

The active/veto operational command mode was supported and full-process integrated operational command design of tactical decision making and manual intervention was adopted.

With the support of NEZA6 CMS, the rapid combat decision-aid could be achieved by real time response and highly automation of the System.